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The path to a better world is found by sharing New Perspectives.

I've spent my life hopping from hobby to hobby, dedicating hours of research to random topics, just trying to better understand the world I live in. Sometimes, it's hard to be proud of that. I'm filled with random knowledge and skills—but, as a jack-of-all-trades, I'm a master of none.

Despite how difficult it could be at times to maintain a steady income, I don't regret at all how I've built my life. The reason I still crave the feeling of learning new things is because I really believe that with each Perspective I gain, I become a better person.

A New Perspective is more than just an idea in your head. It shapes how you see the world around you, adding nuance and depth.

A New Perspective can help you better sympathize with your family and friends, or communicate with people you never would've spoken to before.

A New Perspective can make you more aware of the consequences of your actions, so that maybe instead of taking a little extra today, you leave it on the table for someone else. Instead of taking what you deserve, you realize that maybe today you can handle a little bit of sacrifice.

I don't think of my self as a guru of any sort. I'm not especially well-travelled and there's plenty of people as well-rounded as me. But what I can say is that I go through great lengths to see things from a different point of view—sometimes sacrificing my comfort and happiness in the process. That's not something everybody's willing to do, understandably

I built this blog to share the perspectives that I've curated over the years. All of them. This intro is a little bit heavy, but I'm just as happy to talk about my favorite cartoons as my opinion on American 'Capitalism'. Obviously, one topic needs a bit more consideration and tact, so what I write about will probably depend on how much energy I have. I'll try to keep things balanced, though, to keep the readers and myself interested.

There's much to be done here. Much to learn, too. Expect changes and apologies and edits and redesigns. The world keeps on changing, and sometimes our opinions do the same.

I'm currently deciding what kind of content I'd like to showcase here